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If it’s Tuesday, it must be Iceland…really

040510timessquare1CRJust returned from a week of meeting the media at the National Publicity Summit in New York City. The Summit was held in the Hotel Pennsylvania, right across from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. The streets of New York teemed with people as usual, and I marveled at how people managed to avoid colliding with each other as they crossed paths at every intersection. Even the stores in the surrounding area seemed to be packed with merchandise, whether they sold souveiners or luggage or cameras or costume jewelry – or food. My goodness, I don’t think I have seen anything to compare with the “everything” food places where you can get anything from sushi to middle eastern to pasta to jerk chicken to split pea soup to beer and wine. I must say I had a wonderful stay at the Hotel Affinia Manhattan, which was a much calmer place than the Hotel Pennsylvania.

But back to the Summit – it was an exhilirating and amazing experience to “speed date” with the media – no more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds to make a pitch and have a discussion with representatives of television, radio, and print media. I got a fairly good reception and some definite interest, along with a lot of people that I need to follow up with – that’s called “building a relationship” with the media. I look forward to it.

geyserHowever, tonight I’m headed for Iceland for a few days for vacation. That’s right, Iceland. We take off at 9:30PM and arrive at 6AM Iceland time. My husband won tickets and managed to get us free hotel rooms (because he travels so much for business) so by this time tomorrow I should be soaking in the famous Blue Lagoon and getting ready to ride the Icelandic horses. They say it looks like no place else on earth, full of natural wonders including waterfalls, glaciers, and the original geyser in Geysir. So I’ll be back blogging next week with stories to tell of the green land of Iceland. I don’t think I could be going anywhere that would be more of a contrast to New York City.

So “bæ” and “sjáumst seinna” – that’s “bye” and “see you later” in Icelandic.

“Oh, Boston You’re My Home”

Boston1Maybe I wasn’t born here but I have lived here in Arlington, Cambridge, Winchester, and Lexington since 1980. Maybe I haven’t lived in Boston but I have worked in Boston. Maybe I haven’t run the marathon but I have been at the finish line to congratulate the runners. When people ask me where I am from, I say, “Boston.”

So what happened yesterday on Patriot’s Day at the Boston Marathon tore at my heart. This is my town and things like this shouldn’t happen here, but it did. We may have been knocked down but we will rise back up. After all, this is Boston. Our race is unfinished, and we will be back at the starting line next year. For a wonderful perspective and to learn why “Joy to all” could be the unofficial motto of the marathon, I suggest this wonderful article by Hugh Eakin.

As they say, Keep Calm and Love Boston.