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Happy Christmas! A story of generosity in a time of tragedy.

Jenn and Erick before Erick's devastating diagnosis.

Jenn and Erick in happier times.

It has only been a few days since I discovered the story of Jenn and Erick, an engaged couple who had planned to marry in August 2014. Their plans came to a screeching halt on December 17, 2013 when Erick was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given less than a year to live. They contacted their wedding photographer, Shannon Grant of Shannon Grant Photography, to give her the news that the wedding was cancelled. Facing a financial crunch, they told her they were planning something like a quickie courthouse wedding. But that wasn’t good enough for Shannon, who wanted to see this sweet couple get the wedding of their dreams.

So Shannon took action on Facebook. She created a page, “Let’s Give Them A Wedding!” asking for help. Within hours, the generous wedding professionals of New England had stepped up with an outpouring of services covering everything you need for a wedding, and then some. All you have to do is to read the story of this couple and even if you don’t know them, you are moved and you want to help.

I am one of the vendors who is privileged to be participating in this venture. I have never met Jenn or Erick, nor did I know of Shannon before this all started – we had mutual friends in the New England wedding industry whose posts got me involved. Not only do I want them to have a day to remember, I want to be among those who capture the memories of these events so Jenn and her son can treasure them for a lifetime. I wrote this press release to spread the word and give more people an opportunity to participate in any way they can.

Wedding professionals often get a bad rap – take this recent New York Times article about the industry being ruled by the needs of “bridezillas.” I like to think that the response to Shannon’s call for help demonstrates the true generous nature of the wedding industry for those in need.

Christmas may come and go, but the season of giving really lasts all year. Take a look at the press release about this couple, check out their page, and donate if you can. You’ll be helping this deserving couple.  And you will be reminded to be grateful for your own health and count your blessings everyday. Your world can change in a second. In the words of the late, great Warren Zevon, “Life is short. Enjoy every sandwich.”