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Carol Colman Collages KeepsakesMy mission is to capture the joyful memories and the emotions of life’s most special events by creating beautiful, personalized keepsakes that provide a tangible connection to your memories.

Because invitations are loaded with emotion, they are the perfect centerpieces for these keepsakes. After five years as a sought-after invitation dealer working with hundreds of clients, I understand how to interpret the spirit and personality behind the announcement of a life event. I capture that spirit and bring it to life through collage, showcasing the invitation as a work of art, either by itself or along with other memorabilia such as photographs. Every time you look at it, you connect with heartfelt memories of that celebration.

My special gift is in bringing it all together. When I work on a collage, I am passionate about getting everything just right, down to the last detail, from the colors to the textures to the layout to the framing. It must be my destiny to do this because when I look at the finished products, I cannot even believe that I made them. It feels like magic – as if some force is passing through me, enabling me to create beauty and bring joy to those who give the collages and those who receive them. Since 2006, my creations have delighted clients in more than 20 states and three countries.

I love rising to challenges and I’m always open to new ideas. You and I will work together to be sure that the finished product exceeds your expectations.

Your memories are my business. What can I create for you?

I can’t wait to work with you to create something beautiful for your special occasion!

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