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Holiday gifts? Start searching now for your favorite things

It’s not too early to start collecting ideas for your holiday shopping.

The calendar has turned to June and school is letting out, but in the print magazine industry (and other parts of the retail world) it is time to start thinking about the upcoming December holiday season.

So it is time for those of us who want to spread the word about our businesses to start tooting our horns.

May I be so bold as to suggest you begin thinking about turning to Carol Colman Collages for your holiday shopping needs? Whether you have an invitation from a family life milestone event that happened this year or a love letter you want to give to your partner to show how much you care, we are here to help you.

I would love to brainstorm with you some creative ideas to solve your biggest holiday gift-giving challenges. And remember there is no expiration date on memories, so even if a milestone date has passed it is never too late to create a meaningful gift to mark that occasion.

For example, do you have parents who recently celebrated a milestone anniversary? I can make a personalized collage that brings back some of their fondest memories of their years together. Here is an example of a collage I made for my own parents after their actual 50th anniversary – I was inspired by a collage I made for someone’s grandparents who were celebrating their 70th (yes, their 70th) wedding anniversary.

anniversary collage, wedding, wedding gift, anniversary gift, 50th anniversary, 50th anniversray gift, cool gift

An example of a meaningful, memorable gift created by Carol Colman Collages


I took an original wedding photo, restored it (it was taken in 1940), turned it sepia, and used it as the foundation for a collage that my parents treasured.

So avoid the rush and start thinking ahead. Need to give a delayed wedding gift? Looking for a first anniversary gift at holiday time? Was there a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah in your family this year and the invitation has not yet been framed or transformed into a personalized work of art by Carol Colman Collages? This makes a perfect Chanukah gift. Are there words of wisdom you want to share with someone graduating high school or maybe turning 18 or 21? Another great Chanukah or Christmas gift.

I have lots of ideas for the holidays. Let’s chat soon and make this the most stress-free holiday season ever for you.

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Need holiday shopping inspiration?

Are you a creative, thoughtful gift giver who needs some help finishing off your shopping? I am here to help with a collection of unexpected gifts for the holiday season (or any other time of year).

holiday spirit, holiday gift ideas, holiday shopping, gift ideas, inspiration for gifts

There’s holiday spirit in my neigh…borhood. How about in yours? Don’t stress over your gift list. Visit for help.

You know that collages make great gifts, but sometimes you may want to give something along with your collage – or you may want to add a collage to your gift to make it even more special. Whichever you prefer, I have lots of ideas for you!

All of my ideas can be scouted out on my special Pinterest board or you can get them in a handy PDF with hotlinks by visiting A bonus of getting the gift guide: suggested quotes for collages to accompany gifts based on interests, from tea lovers to sports lovers to real men to beauty queens.

Ready to order your collage or still need some inspiration? Check out examples at my new Etsy shop, Great Gifts Guaranteed. (Why guaranteed? Because by giving a collage you are guaranteed to reduce gift-related stress and guilt, and ensure the end of regifting forever.)

Or give me a call at 617.803.0366 so we can brainstorm together on how to blast through your gift list.

Let’s rock this holiday season!

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Looking for gifts by Carol Colman Collages on Etsy? Find them at Great Gifts Guaranteed!

Online shopping for Carol Colman Collages designs is now available through my Etsy shop, Great Gifts Guaranteed.


Etsy shop, Great Gifts Guaranteed, Carol Colman Collages on Etsy

Etsy shop banner for Great Gifts Guaranteed

People have been suggesting that I join the Etsy crowd so now I have. Same concept, a few more product offerings, especially some lower-priced ones especially for the holiday season.

If you really care, don’t just send someone a card that winds up in the trash. Show them you care with a framed keepsake from Great Gifts Guaranteed.

Your honey will love opening a collage that says how special your relationship is. Your father and mother will beam with pride as they see the family motto showcased as a work of art. That secret phrase only you and your best friend understand? Send them a message by spelling it out – don’t worry, your secret will be safe with me.

So please check out my new venture – search Etsy for “Great Gifts Guaranteed” – and favor it if you are so inclined. The listings soon will be expanded. And I am ready, willing, and able to help you tackle your holiday gift-giving challenges.

As always, I am here for all your special occasion gifting needs. End gift-giving stress and guilt, and never fear regifting with a personalized present from Carol Colman Collages (and Great Gifts Guaranteed).

And stay tuned for our next announcement, coming soon.

Happy December!

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November to remember…what will your legacy be?

Today the City of Boston is saying a final farewell to Thomas Menino, who served as mayor for 20 years. He may be gone but his inspiration and legacy will live on.

inspirational quote, framed inspirational quote, framed quote

The combination of love and skill make for a wonderful legacy.

The Mayor was a details guy, skilled at getting things done; as the current Mayor, Martin Walsh, said in his remarks, “now he is getting the potholes filled in heaven.” At one point it was determined that he had actually met at least half the population of the city, which is quite an accomplishment.

He had not even been out of office for a year before he passed away at the too-young age of 71, and the outpouring of love has come from all corners of the city. His funeral procession wound through the city, passing places that were near and dear to him and on which he had a major impact during his tenure as mayor. Surely he touched the lives of many of the people who lined the streets to pay their final respects.

The remarks by his granddaughters and his chief of staff were by far the most interesting to me and revealing of the kind of man Tom Menino was. He was a mentor to both his actual family and his work family. He loved both families and made sure to let them know how he felt. And when it came to getting things done, Menino was relentless. He was a man of the people, for the people.

Love and skill. Not a bad legacy. I love this quote by John Ruskin: “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” I think that Mayor Menino would agree with this sentiment. So today’s “collage of the day” is an artistic expression of this sentiment.

I love to make collages out of inspirational quotes. These make great gifts to say “thank you” or “I appreciate working with you” or even “I am proud of you and what you have created.” Can you think of other situations for which this quote would be appropriate?

Love and skill make for a fine legacy. Rest in peace, Mayor Menino, and be assured that you and your contributions will never be forgotten.

Have a quote that motivates you? I would love to create something beautiful for you.

birth announcement, framed birth announcement, birth announcement keepsake, baby gift, baby keepsake

November to Remember…giving birth to memories

The arrival of a new baby is a moment of celebration for any family.

birth announcement, framed birth announcement, birth announcement keepsake, baby gift, baby keepsake

This turquoise birth announcement could be unisex, but adding pink and flowers makes it clear this announces the arrival of a baby girl.

Traditionally, girl announcements tend toward pink and boys tend toward blue. This couple choose a somewhat non-traditional turquoise for their daughter’s birth announcement. The baby’s name was Emily – clearly a girl’s name – but this may have been more difficult if the name had been one that could be used for a boy or a girl, such as Jamie or Madison.

Because it is hard to tell from pictures whether newborns are boys or girls, I thought it would be helpful to add some pink and some flowers to emphasize that this new arrival is a little girl even without reading her name. Finding the right soft pastel paper with the color palette including turquoise and pink made this possible.

Remember, there’s no expiration date on memories. Your child may no longer be a newborn, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to make something beautiful and memorable from their birth announcement (if you can find it in the shoebox or drawer where you “filed” it).