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It’s a November to remember…get ready for 30 days of memorable gifts

It’s November, which means it is getting close to December, which means we’re thinking about giving great gifts for the holidays and all the other happy occasions in our lives.

At Carol Colman Collages I am dedicated to creating P.E.R.F.E.C.T. gifts for all occasions. These gifts bring joy to the giver and they wow the recipients with their originality and thoughtfulness.

What makes a gift a P.E.R.F.E.C.T gift? Here’s what I think:

  • Personal: custom-designed for the recipient
  • Emotional: meaningful to the giver and the receiver
  • Rare: one-of-a-kind
  • Fitting: fits the occasion and the recipient
  • Extraordinary: stands out from the crowd for its originality and thoughtfulness
  • Cherished: will be deeply treasured
  • Thoughtful: shows how much you care

I want to make it easy for you to give great gifts and to become your go-to gift for everything from new babies to milestone anniversaries. So this month my goal is to showcase a collage every day to demonstrate the many different kinds of things that can be turned into a meaningful gifts sure to become treasured keepsakes.

I will begin with my daughter’s birth announcement. We had the announcement framed when she was born on a plain purple mat in a gold frame.

plain framed birth announcement, matted birth announcement

Here is how we originally framed Zoe’s colorful birth announcement.

When I started my business, we decided to kick it up a notch. Here is the result:

framed birth announcement, birth announcement, birth announcement keepsake, new baby gift, baby keepsake

Zoe loves the updated framed collage keepsake of her colorful birth announcement.

See the difference? Are you getting inspired? Maybe you have something already framed that could use some updating? It’s like a new coat of paint – a new outlook – keeping things fresh, without losing their emotional significance.

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When you need a great gift, turn to Carol Colman Collages. Got a special occasion on your calendar Give me a call at 617.803.0366 so I can start creating something wonderful for you.

Carol Colman Collages birth announcement keepsake, birth announcement keepsake, birth announcement collage, Mazel Moments, Cigall Goldman

A great review of keepsakes by Carol Colman Collages: birth announcement collage

It is thrilling when I know that a keepsake created by Carol Colman Collages achieves the goal of “wowing” the recipient with its thoughtfulness and originality.

So I am thrilled to share this review of a collage I created for Cigall Goldman of Mazel Moments using the birth announcement for the new addition to their family, baby Liya. A brief excerpt follows:

It’s not every day that you receive a package that blows you away with its thoughtfulness and creativity.  That’s exactly what happened when I received a personalized collage made from my daughter Liya’s baby announcement from the very talented Carol Colman Collages.…A sincere thank you to Carol for creating something so unbelievably special, that our family will treasure forever. A custom collage is a great gift for any life event.”

So you can see what I started with, here is the original birth announcement and the finished product:

Carol Colman Collages birth announcement keepsake, birth announcement keepsake, birth announcement collage

Original birth announcement for Liya Goldman used as focus of keepsake by Carol Colman Collages



Carol Colman Collages birth announcement keepsake, birth announcement keepsake, birth announcement collage, Mazel Moments, Cigall Goldman

Carol Colman Collages keepsake for birth announcement of Liya Goldman


Who is next on your gift list? Ready to blow your gift recipients away with something they will appreciate now and cherish forever? If you’re in the market for a “wow” gift, who are you going to call? Carol Colman Collages! I can’t wait to make something beautiful for you. 

Birth announcement keepsake gift, Jewish baby gift, baby naming gift, baby keepsake

On being born Jewish: thoughtful gifts for new babies via Mazel Moments


Birth announcement keepsake gift, Jewish baby gift, baby naming gift, baby keepsake

Baby boy birth announcement turned into a keepsake by Carol Colman Collages

Mazel Moments is a fabulous resources for planning all kinds of Jewish events, with ideas for everything from decorations to giving great gifts. Of course many of their ideas can be adopted for people of any faith. Some celebrations, however, are specific to people who are Jewish. Carol Colman Collages is thrilled to be featured in one of their latest blog posts: Thoughtful gifts for a baby naming or a brit milah.

You may or may not know that a “brit milah” (commonly known as a “bris”) is the ritual circumcision on a Jewish boy on the 8th day of his life.  Of course, this is accompanied in most cases by a celebration and, often, gifts.

For Jewish girls, it has become a custom to have a baby naming ceremony, which can be held at any reasonable time after the girl is born. We had ours when our daughter was about six months old, at a time when my parents could attend from out-of-town. The same rabbi who married us presided at the naming ceremony, which we held in our home. I remember the rabbi asking us to speak about the English and Hebrew names we had chosen for our daughter, along with any relatives she was named for and the qualities of those people we hoped our daughter would exhibit. The rabbi told me to write all my remarks down because otherwise I would be so overcome by emotion that I would not remember them. It was good advice (which also would come in handy years later when my daughter became a Bat Mitzvah, but that’s another story).

You will see ideas in the post for celebrating new Jewish babies, but most of these ideas can be adapted no matter what religion you follow. (Perhaps not the bris pillow sham, but you never know…).

So when that baby photo or announcement arrives, think about turning it into a thoughtful, memorable keepsake that will be long remembered and treasured after those cute Red Sox onesies have been outgrown.

Attention Los Angeles Kings: get your Stanley Cup photo keepsakes here

Championship achievements deserve to be memoralized in keepsakes as unforgettable as those moments.

baby in Stanley Cup, championship mementos, championship keepsakes

Kyle Clifford already did it. How many other babies will have a shining moment in the Stanley Cup this year?

The Los Angeles Kings made memories for a lifetime last night when they won the Stanley Cup. Now each player gets to spend some time up close and personal with the cup. No doubt, a lot of once-in-a-lifetime photos will be taken. It is my mission to help people connect with the joyous emotions and memories of their special events by creating beautiful keepsakes using memorabilia including photos.

Back when the Boston Bruins won the cup in 2011, one of my clients had the opportunity to put her new baby into the Cup. Professional photos were taken. I created a beautiful keepsake collage based on one of those photos, accessorized with a championship patch at the client’s request, which now serves as a cherished memento of that amazing moment.

Kyle Clifford already put his baby into the Cup. Surely others will follow, as will other memorable celebrations as the Cup travels with each of the champions. Lots of “regular folks” will take photos with the Cup. Treat those photos with the respect they deserve! Kyle Clifford, I am waiting to hear from you!

Carol Colman Collages is here for you. Your memories are my business. Which of your most special photos can I turn into a breathtakingly beautiful keepsake for you?

Rainy Friday, June 13, 2014 with a full moon – a good day to get married?

Seneca's quote about luck: it is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

It’s Friday the 13th. It’s raining.  It’s Friday the 13th in June, so people may have planned outdoor events to celebrate happy occasions – including weddings.

So would it be lucky or unlucky to have a rainy Friday the 13th wedding?

Let’s begin with the common idea that Friday the 13th is unlucky. Gizmodo tells us that the origins of the Friday part are murky but may be based in Christian and Viking traditions. Similarly, the problem with the number “13” is attributed to a variety of religious sources. But here’s a fun fact I just learned from Gizmodo, and it puts the “13” issue in a whole new light.

There are those that theorize the number 13 may have been purposely denigrated by the founders of the patriarchal religions to eradicate the influence of the Mother Goddess. In goddess worshipping cultures, the number 13 was often revered, as it represented the number of lunar and menstrual cycles that occur annually. It is believed by those who adhere to this theory that as the 12-month solar calendar came into use over the 13-month lunar calendar, the number 13 itself became suspect.”

Today’s Friday the 13th comes with a cherry on the top: a full moon. Some people think it will be the mother of all unlucky days. However, scientific studies of such phenomena appear to conclude that this is, in a word, “balderdash.” (That’s the technical term.) The good news, however, is that if this combination turns out to reverse the earth’s poles or wreck some other havoc on the universe, this coincidence won’t happen again until 2049. Let’s hope we’re around to experience it.

Now, let’s take on the rain.

According to The Valley Advocate, “In the Hindu tradition rain on the wedding day is considered lucky, as it is believed to foretell a strong marriage. The logic behind this belief is that a wet knot is more difficult to untie. (Getting married is often referred to as “tying the knot.”) … Rain is also believed to be a symbol of fortune and abundance, which falls generously on the bride and groom. It brings good wishes and washes away all the couple’s troubles and woes. It also means you will be blessed with fertility and have many children because rain is what replenishes reservoirs and sustains crops”. The preponderance of superstitions suggest that a wet wedding is a good omen.

Don’t fret, however, if the sun shines.  “A few cultures do not believe that rain on your wedding day is lucky, but quite the opposite. There is an old saying that goes, “Happy is the bride whom the sun shines on.” This goes with hand-in-hand with a popular belief that rain on your wedding day brings unhappiness, bad luck, and tears throughout your married life.”

What does this all mean for rainy Friday, June 13th, 2014 weddings? It means you should have a back-up plan for inclement weather. Seneca would agree – it would be good luck to be prepared for the opportunity that it might be raining. Otherwise, you will have to wait and see. In the wise words of Alice Hoffman:

Alice Hoffman quote on luck: “Here's the thing about don't know if it's good or bad until you have some perspective.”

“Here’s the thing about luck…you don’t know if it’s good or bad until you have some perspective.”

“Here’s the thing about luck…you don’t know if it’s good or bad until you have some perspective.”

Best wishes to all who are tying the knot today – may you have a strong, abundant, awesome marriage! And may you preserve the memories of your day with a keepsake collage by Carol Colman Collages!