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Birth announcement keepsake gift, Jewish baby gift, baby naming gift, baby keepsake

On being born Jewish: thoughtful gifts for new babies via Mazel Moments


Birth announcement keepsake gift, Jewish baby gift, baby naming gift, baby keepsake

Baby boy birth announcement turned into a keepsake by Carol Colman Collages

Mazel Moments is a fabulous resources for planning all kinds of Jewish events, with ideas for everything from decorations to giving great gifts. Of course many of their ideas can be adopted for people of any faith. Some celebrations, however, are specific to people who are Jewish. Carol Colman Collages is thrilled to be featured in one of their latest blog posts: Thoughtful gifts for a baby naming or a brit milah.

You may or may not know that a “brit milah” (commonly known as a “bris”) is the ritual circumcision on a Jewish boy on the 8th day of his life. ¬†Of course, this is accompanied in most cases by a celebration and, often, gifts.

For Jewish girls, it has become a custom to have a baby naming ceremony, which can be held at any reasonable time after the girl is born. We had ours when our daughter was about six months old, at a time when my parents could attend from out-of-town. The same rabbi who married us presided at the naming ceremony, which we held in our home. I remember the rabbi asking us to speak about the English and Hebrew names we had chosen for our daughter, along with any relatives she was named for and the qualities of those people we hoped our daughter would exhibit. The rabbi told me to write all my remarks down because otherwise I would be so overcome by emotion that I would not remember them. It was good advice (which also would come in handy years later when my daughter became a Bat Mitzvah, but that’s another story).

You will see ideas in the post for celebrating new Jewish babies, but most of these ideas can be adapted no matter what religion you follow. (Perhaps not the bris pillow sham, but you never know…).

So when that baby photo or announcement arrives, think about turning it into a thoughtful, memorable keepsake that will be long remembered and treasured after those cute Red Sox onesies have been outgrown.