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Wedding ceremonies: what has eight legs and four faces? Double your pleasure when twins marry twins in double weddings

Identical twins marrying identical twins (via, courtesy

Identical twins marrying identical twins (via, courtesy

What has eight legs and four faces? That would be a “quarternary” marriage, where two sets of identical twins get married. It has been said that there are only about 250 recorded instances of twins marrying twins, so when it happens, it makes for great stories.

Take Texas natives Diane and Darlene Nettemeier, for example, who met their identical twin husbands Craig and Mark Sanders (also from Texas) at a twins convention in (no surprise) Twinsburg, Ohio. They went on a double date to Las Vegas, won big at poker, and celebrated by getting engaged on the same day with identical rings. Marrying in a double ceremony, the brides wore identical dresses.  Now the couples live next door to each other. Craig and Diane went on to add another chapter to the story by having a set of identical twin sons. Just how unusual is that? Well, the likelihood of having twins in about 3 in 1,000 births. The chance of identical twin brothers marrying identical twin sisters, with one couple having a set of identical twin sons, is one in millions.

There must be something in the water in Texas…

Identical twins sisters Ginna and Gaylen Glasscock married identical twin brothers Erich and Nicholas Schmidt after meeting during everyone’s freshman year at Abilene Christian University. After three years of dating, both pairs were engaged on the same day.

As reported by, “the Glasscock twins thought they were part of a photo shoot for a new Amarillo restaurant owned by their boyfriends’ mother, Tammy Schmidt, and her business partner. But when desserts arrived with rings attached, the real purpose became clear.”

There was a double wedding, with a few twists giving each couple the chance to be in the spotlight. Gaylen and Nicholas walked down the aisle first with bridesmaids dressed in yellow. Ginna and Erich walked down the aisle at the same church an hour-and-a-half later, with bridesmaids wearing pink. For the shared reception, one side was decorated in pink, the other in yellow.

At both of these events, I hope the photographer was able to keep everything straight! Can you imagine the double-takes when these couples go out to celebrate their anniversaries?

If you were a twin, do you think you would want to share your wedding with your sibling?

Now I’m just waiting to see the first same-sex wedding of two sets of twins – or has it already happened?


Remarriage – when you marry the same person the second time around, which wedding anniversary do you celebrate?

Lena and Roland getting their second marriage license. Photo via NY Daily News.

Lena and Roland getting their second marriage license. Photo via NY Daily News.

Samuel Johnson said, “remarriage is the triumph of hope over experience.” Truer words may never have been spoken for a Buffalo couple, who tied the knot for the second time 48 years after their divorce from each other.

Lena Henderson and Roland Davis, now 85 years old, originally married while they were teenagers. After four children and 20 years together, they divorced.

Both partners remarried after their divorce; both outlived their second spouses. It’s not clear what brought them back in touch, but a few months after he lost his second wife, Davis proposed over the phone to Henderson. She accepted despite the fact that their last in-person meeting since their 1964 divorce was in 1996 (at a funeral).

As their youngest daughter noted, “it is every child’s dream…that your parents would come back together.”

Note that this daughter is a grandmother herself.

Plans were made for a church wedding to be followed by a restaurant reception, with four generations of the family on hand to witness this celebration.

Frank Sinatra convincingly sang, “Love is lovelier the second time around…who can say, what brought us to this miracle we found.” I wish all the best to Lena and Roland, with many years of happiness and wonderful memories.

Here’s to second chances and leaps of faith!


It’s never too late – some wonderful Chinese wedding news…

Re-creation of wedding photo for couple married 88 years. Photo via the Today Show

Re-creation of wedding photo for couple married 88 years. Photo via the Today Show

Once you have been married for 88 years, it might be difficult to bring something new into your life. But for one Chinese couple, after 88 years of wedded bliss, they finally got their wedding photos. What I mean is, they finally got to have their wedding photos taken.

As reported by many sources, including the Today Show, “cameras were scarce in China in 1924, when Wu Conghan, 101, and wife Wu Sognshi, 103, tied the knot, so they have no photos from their big day. But nearly nine decades later, they re-created the happiness of the event.”

The (not) blushing bride wore white, as did the groom. With red roses for a bouquet and canes for support, their smiles beam across the years.

Instant proofing via laptop. Photo from the Today Show.

Instant proofing via laptop. Photo via the Today Show.

And they didn’t even have to wait for their proofs; the couple was able to see the photos immediately on a computer. After all, when you are over 100 years old, you don’t want to have to wait for anything. (As my father used to say before he left us at 99 years, 9 months and 19 days, “at my age, you don’t buy green bananas.”)

So how did these photographs come to be taken? It was part of an initiative in the couple’s hometown, where photographers volunteered to take pictures of elderly couples who had no original wedding photos.

And after the photos were taken, their hometown threw them a wedding celebration! Let’s hope they make it to their 90th anniversary – that would be one for the record books.

You see, it is never too late to make memories – or to preserve them. If I could only get my hands on their wedding invitation – what a collage that would make!

Do you have access to a “vintage” invitation – one that is at least 5o years old? If you do, be the first to contact me and I will be happy to create a collage of that invitation at no charge – just email me. I can’t wait to work on it!



I’ll love you forever (especially if we get married on January 4, 2013): good fortune and Chinese weddings

Double happiness papercut bought on a business trip to Taiwan in 1989

Double happiness papercut
(bought on a 1989 business trip in Taiwan)

Happy Love You Forever Day! Haven’t heard of it? Maybe that’s because you aren’t Chinese, where couples across the country are doing what they can to marry on this auspicious date. More than 10 million marriages take place in China each year, with numbers spiking on dates thought to be numerically important.

Marriages take place at registry offices and must be booked in advance. It was reported that 10,000 couples married today in Beijing, and that many more hopefuls showed up without an appointment. In Hong Kong, the city’s five marriage registries were fully booked for this date by September 20 2012.

So what makes tody special? After all, it doesn’t have matching numbers (as was the case recently on 12/12/12); such dates are thought to bring good fortune.

No, it is the words that make today special. In Mandarin, the words for “January 4, 2013” sound like the phrase “I will love you all my life.”

That’s as good a reason as any to pick a wedding date.

However, if you’re looking for good fortune, it helps to pick the right parents.

At least that was the case for the couple in China’s Fujan province, where the bride’s father paid a dowry worth more than $150 million to help the couple start their new life together. According to the South China Morning Post  “the extravagant gift included four boxes of gold jewelry, more than $3 million deposited into their bank account, $800,000 in stock, a Porsche and a Mercedes…(as well as) a retail store, mansion and other properties. To top it all off, nearly $2.5 million was donated to two local charities on the couple’s behalf.” No partridge in a pear tree, but they can afford to buy their own should they choose to do so.

Why the largess? “As parents, we certainly want our child’s life to be more stable than our lives as entrepreneurs,” said the bride’s mother, according to the UK’s Daily Mail. I don’t think stability will be one of their future concerns. They married on Sunday. Guess they didn’t need to pick a particularly auspicious date to ensure their good fortune.

So how did you pick your wedding date? And has it proved to be fortunate for you?

In other Chinese wedding news, one father has established a bounty/promise of $65 million as a wedding gift to any man who will marry his lesbian daughter. As reported in the Huffington Post, Hong Kong businessan Cecil Chao was upset that his daughter Gigi had eloped with her partner to France, where their union was blessed in a church. It should be noted that Hong Kong decriminalized homosexuality in 1991, but it does not legally recognize same-sex marriage.

Ironically, it cannot be said that Mr. Chao practices what he preaches. A man with a reputation for being a playboy, he once claimed to have had 10,000 girlfriends but has never married. Daughter Gigi is one of three children, each with a different mother.

Chao says he has received “hundreds” of responses since making his offer, and is certain there is a large pool of eligible suitors. “Thousands of people want to be my in-laws,” he proclaims. Would Gigi cooperate and enter into a heterosexual marriage?  Gigi says, “We’ll just worry about that when the time comes.”

You can’t make this stuff up, people

What do you think  – is this a tempting offer? How much would it take to entice you to marry for money and not for love?


All you need is love – and a little help from your friends.

Sign from accion poetica

Sign from accion poetica

Same-sex marriage was approved by popular vote in the state of Maryland during the November 2012 elections. Couples could apply for marriage licenses beginning December 6, but ceremonies could not begin until January 1, 2013. A well-known hate group, the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, came out to protest at courthouses in Annapolis and Towson when ceremonies began to be performed on New Year’s Day.

Ironically, their efforts to protest and disrupt the legally binding commitment ceremonies of people in love were defeated by the sheer force of love.

The protesting voices of four Church members were drowned out by a chorus of 250 community members (organized by a local Episcopal church and including representatives of local Presbyterian, Unitarian and Baptist congregations). The community came together, raising their voices in song, singing carols to overshadow the message of hate. According to the Baltimore Sun, “When people came to our city to preach hate, we stood up to them,” Annapolis Mayor Joshua Cohen said after the protest ended. “It was a beautiful scene.”

Joining in the Annapolis anti-hate protest were several Annapolis High School students, who skipped their first-period history class (with the blessing of their teacher).  “Their whole organization is offensive,” said one student. “They were here to preach hate, we were there to preach love.”

It thrills me to see Americans come together to do the right thing. All in the name of love.

Once again, congratulations to all the newlyweds and to those planning to take the plunge!