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An unusual “all-inclusive” wedding package – covering everything from the ring to the reception – would you accept that proposal?

Photo of LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana taken in Philadelphia by Carol Colman

Photo of LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana taken in Philadelphia by Carol Colman

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. At least one hotel wants to prove why Philadelphia is also known as “The City That Loves You Back.”

We all know that planning a wedding can be stressful. There are so many decisions to make.

But what if you lead a busy life and you are someone who hasn’t been dreaming about the perfect wedding day since you were a small child? What if a Philadelphia hotel offered a package of services that took care of everything from the proposal (complete with ring valued at $50,000 and a photographer for the occasion), to an engagement celebration complete with champagne and in-room couples massage, to a ballroom reception with food and drink? That eliminates a lot of decisions for you.

And it may be a bargain – a value of over $100,000 for only $80,000.

That’s what you get with the Hotel Monaco’s “Diamond in the Sky” package. As reported by the Bridal Bulletin blog (from the editors of Philadelphia Wedding), “ it not only takes care of a pretty awesome engagement weekend, it also includes your big day celebration.” They reserve a private place for the question to be popped, a photographer to capture the moment, and an engagement ring worth $50,000. Then they set you up in a suite to celebrate your newly engaged status with lots of goodies for an entire weekend. Finally, they cater your wedding celebration in the historic Lafayette Ballroom for 200 of your closest friends and family.

And this package isn’t only for loving couples already in the Philadelphia area. If you get engaged as part of this package while you are visiting Philadelphia, your package includes a first-class trip home (within the continental United States). (For Philadelphia locals, you have access to the tickets for a trip at your convenience).

This may be a pretty good deal.

As reported by ABC News,” Philadelphia weddings cost $37,014 on average, not far off from the costs in other northeastern areas where wedding costs were high.” This figure came from a survey done by and of brides who were at least 18 and got married in 2011. Wedding costs in Philadelphia are higher than the average wedding cost of $27,021 for the country as a whole.

Add in the $50,000 ring and all the engagement weekend bonuses and the finances start to look good. But as we all know, weddings are are about a lot more than money (the recent “Wedding Confidential” report on 20/20 notwithstanding, but more on that at a later date).

If you haven’t thought of the City of Brotherly Love as a place to get engaged or married, maybe this package will make you take a second look.

But if this appeals to you, act now – this offer is being made for a limited time only!

So what do you think about this proposal package? Can something be both practical and romantic at the same time? If so, does this accomplish that?