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Etsy, Carol Colman Collages on Etsy, Great Gifts Guaranteed

Looking for gifts by Carol Colman Collages on Etsy? Find them at Great Gifts Guaranteed!

Online shopping for Carol Colman Collages designs is now available through my Etsy shop, Great Gifts Guaranteed.


Etsy shop, Great Gifts Guaranteed, Carol Colman Collages on Etsy

Etsy shop banner for Great Gifts Guaranteed

People have been suggesting that I join the Etsy crowd so now I have. Same concept, a few more product offerings, especially some lower-priced ones especially for the holiday season.

If you really care, don’t just send someone a card that winds up in the trash. Show them you care with a framed keepsake from Great Gifts Guaranteed.

Your honey will love opening a collage that says how special your relationship is. Your father and mother will beam with pride as they see the family motto showcased as a work of art. That secret phrase only you and your best friend understand? Send them a message by spelling it out – don’t worry, your secret will be safe with me.

So please check out my new venture – search Etsy for “Great Gifts Guaranteed” – and favor it if you are so inclined. The listings soon will be expanded. And I am ready, willing, and able to help you tackle your holiday gift-giving challenges.

As always, I am here for all your special occasion gifting needs. End gift-giving stress and guilt, and never fear regifting with a personalized present from Carol Colman Collages (and Great Gifts Guaranteed).

And stay tuned for our next announcement, coming soon.

Happy December!