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St. Patrick's Day, Irish blessing

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – the story behind the holiday

St. Patrick's Day, Irish blessing

An Irish Blessing for St. Patrick’s Day and everyday

St. Patrick’s Day – celebrated only in America? Well, maybe not, but apparently we’re responsible for promoting the wearing of the green and an excuse for imbibing alcohol. According to the International Business Times, St. Patrick’s Day used to be  a minor holiday in Ireland. “St. Patrick’s Day was basically invented in America by Irish-Americans,” classics professor Philip Freeman of Luther College in Iowa told National Geographic.

Here’s how things got going in the United States: “On March 17, 1762, Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched through New York City to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. As Irish patriotism grew among American immigrants, the annual holiday began to grow in popularity with different “Irish Aid” societies holding annual parades.” You know the rest of the story.

Back in Ireland, the Irish government marde March 17 a national holiday in 1995 as a draw for tourism. I guess it worked – now, approximately 1 million people attend the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin every year.

The Irish, similar to the Jewish people, seem to have blessings suitable for every day and every occasion. Here is one I like a lot. Do you have a favorite Irish blessing? Please share!