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Memorial Day, Eric Shinseki

The true meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day, Eric Shinseki

Eric Shinseki on taking care of our veterans

I honor the service and sacrifice of all who have served our country, present and past. 

Yesterday, I read this story in Parade Magazine and it has been haunting me. It makes me unspeakably sad to think of sending our most precious treasure – our young men and women – into harm’s way. I know they have volunteered and I know they are providing a critically important service but it seems brutally unfair. Young lives with such potential, cut short – we know they did not shirk from service and we must ensure that their sacrifice is not in vain.

As someone who is passionate about memories, it is imperative that we pause on this day of memory, this Memorial Day, to remember in particular those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving as a member of our armed forces. And as we remember their sacrifice, we must also remember and honor our commitment to take care of those who served – to help them meet their needs for jobs, food, housing, medical care, and other forms of community support. The current scandal shaking the Veteran’s Administration should serve as a wake-up call for our country that we must put taking care of our veterans at the very top of our priority list. The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, General Eric Shinseki, has the right message and must take action to make sure we fulfill this promise.

In honor of Memorial Day, I am making a contribution to the New England Center for Homeless Veterans. The center has helped more than 20,000 veterans regain control of their lives through services related to education, employment, support, and housing. What will you do today to honor our veterans?